Jr. High Language Arts

Sixth - Eighth Grade Reading
Students understand and use different skills and strategies to read
Use word recognition and word meaning skills to read and comprehend text such as phonics, context clues, picture clues, and word origins; roots, prefixes, and suffixes of word
Build vocabulary through reading
Read fluently, adjusting reading for purpose and material
Understands elements of literature – fiction, such as story elements, use of humor, exaggeration, and figures of speech
Uses features of non-fiction text and computer software titles, headings, pictures, maps, and charts to find and understand specific information
Students understand the meaning of what is read
Comprehend important ideas and details
Expand comprehension by analyzing, interpreting, and synthesizing information and ideas
Think critically and analyze authors’ use of language style, purpose,
and perspective
Students read different materials for a variety of purposes
Read to learn new information
Read to perform a task
Read for literary experience in a variety of forms such as novels, short stories, poems, plays, and essays to understand self and others
Students self-evaluate progress in independent reading
Read independently a variety and report progress weekly
Sixth - Eighth Grade Writing
Students write clearly and effectively
Understand and construct writing in a variety of formats
Use style appropriate to a variety of audiences and purposes
Apply standard grammar and spelling conventions
Constructs a three to five paragraph essay developing with detail and example for a variety of purposes
Understands and constructs thesis statements and uses appropriately for development of essays
Writes creatively in a variety of formats
Studies the works of writers to appraise technique and quality
Students understand and use the steps of the writing process
Students analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of his own and others’ written work
Sixth - Eighth Grade English
Students will study the structure of the English language including:
Sentence structure
Parts of speech
Sixth - Eighth Grade Vocabulary
Students will master the grade level appropriate vocabulary
Recognize definitions
Uses word in correct context
Recognize synonyms, antonyms
Recognize word forms, roots, and families
Sixth - Eighth Grade Spelling
Students master grade level appropriate words
6th grade: continues with study of the phonics of spelling
7th, 8th grade: work with definitions of word lists
All grades practice dictionary skills, thesaurus skills
All grades practice proofreading skills