Grand Rapids Preschool

St. Paul is proud to offer one of the best preschools in Grand Rapids MI, and the surrounding area. Our preschool has children from Forest Hills, Ada, Kentwood, Grand Rapids, Caledonia and East Grand Rapids.

Our experienced and creative teachers consistently enhance the learning development of our students by adding events and activities that make each grade special and memorable. Here are some of the highlights we offer:

  • God Made Me and God Made the World religion programs frame the themes and units of the preschool curriculum. With faith and love of God as the central focus of our days, the preschoolers enjoy many activities and learning opportunities occurring in the world around them.
  • A variety of activities outside the classroom provides growth in many learning domains: P.E, music, computer, field trips.
  • Handwriting Without Tears and VoWac phonics establish a solid foundation as emergent readers. An introduction to the Spanish language and American Sign Language are also incorporated.
  • The social and emotional growth and needs of the students are valued and nurtured as the foundation of happy and productive relationships and learning.
  • Play is the medium of choice and design utilized by preschoolers to learn about and solve problems in their world.

As Early Childhood professionals, we recognize and respect each child’s unique gifts and abilities. Each child is welcomed as an individual and provided with activities and experiences which encourage the growth of skills and acquisition of concepts. We strive to develop a love of school and learning to remain with each child throughout life.

Social and Emotional
Language and Early Literacy
Creative Arts
Physical Development
Health, Safety, and Nutrition
Social Studies
Foreign Langauge