“What does the University of Notre Dame and St. Paul the Apostle School have in Common?”

Well, it is true that both are Catholic educational institutions, and it is also true that academic excellence is the norm, and highly coveted for both schools, and finally, yes, both schools have a tremendous and dedicated faculty, and staff.

However, one school has a sign in an athletic locker room that says, “Play Like a Champion Today”, and the other school has something very similar – and yet quite different.

At Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic school, athletics are important, and so is spiritual growth in the faith, along with excellence in academics and character, but our main purpose is to “Live our Mission!”  Not just to say, it, or to memorize it, but to actually, day-in-and day-out, LIVE it, through our tangible actions of love, kindness, compassion, respect, and mercy.  Our shortened acronym for our Mission Statement is PAWS and since we are the Cougars it makes it easy for us to remember:

P  Practice Respect

A  Act Responsibly

W  Work Hard

S  Serve God.

At Notre Dame, the football team has a tradition of slapping the sign, their motto, before they go out and compete as a way of saying “we’re on board” and now, Saint Paul the Apostle has a new Tradition… ours focuses on the Kingdom of God, and of being disciples of Jesus Christ, and living His Mission, with love, humility, and obedience.

We are Saint Paul’s: striving , with God’s help, to Live the Mission every day!

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