Scrip makes great gifts!

We know the Christmas Season is a very busy time for everyone.  So, we are offering to help you with your shopping by using Scrip to purchase Christmas Gift Cards for our Staff.  This is super and easy, and you can rest assured that your teacher will enjoy your gift as they will pick out which gift card(s) they would like.

Click here for the list of staff and form.  All you need to do is fill out who you would like to give a gift to and how much.  The amount you give will remain anonymous, we only ask for the family name so we can add it to the card so the staff knows which families gave to their gift card.   Please return your list and check (made to St. Paul the Apostle) in a sealed envelope to your child’s teacher by December 8th.  The rebates made from gift card purchases will go towards the Education Foundation.

If you have any questions please email me, Kara Potter, at

Remember this is optional.  If you choose to do something on your own, that is fine.