Guest Post: Mr. Remington

A comment we hear often at Saint Paul’s is this: “My child loves the creativity in the classrooms and how our teachers are always searching for new and interesting ways to engage students in the learning process.  My child is not bored and they’re excited to come to school, because each day is a new adventure.”

Mr. Remington, our second grade teacher, is great example of the creative teachers that we’re so glad to have on staff.  Recently he worked with his second grade students on defining what they appreciate most about being a student at Saint Paul’s, but more than that, he challenged them to define why they appreciate that specific aspect so much.  He engaged them using various teaching techniques.  First, writing, as the students needed to craft a persuasive case for their point-of-view.  Second, he focused their attention on the core, or the heart, of their message, realizing that in today’s world you need to be crisp and concise.  To be heard, you need to condense things down to a single  sound-bite, and that’s exactly what they did.  Using audio technology, and working with Mrs. K in the computer lab, the students recorded an audio “pitch” complete with music in the background and they created radio style spots to help promote Saint Paul.

Here’s what Mr. Remington said:

Our second grade class completed a writing assignment where they needed to create a text/media to introduce and elaborate on a topic. The students each selected an aspect of St. Paul School and wrote in a “marketing-style” manner to showcase these areas of excellence. The areas focused on range from specials’ classes to friendships. The goal was for the second grade class to showcase how truly special St. Paul is.  The standard for writing was: 2.ELA.W.3

Enjoy these audio recordings and thanks Mr. Remington, and second graders for this innovative, creative and helpful way to learn, and to share with others why Saint Paul the Apostle grade school is such a special place.

Amelia – Lunch

Annie – Library

Brady – After-Care

Fred – Gym

Gage – Gym

KaeLynn – Friends

Kate – Art Class

Lena – Hot Lunch

More audio spots will come in the next blog-post…

Thank you Mr. Remington and 2nd Grade!